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Dextrose is mainly used as an injection(glucose injection),for Complement humidity with calories.also dextrose as flavoring and preservative in foods and beverages.

1.Dextrose have been used some factroies to do the food many years ago.it maily from some corn,it's green and natural

2.Dextrose have been used some milk and bervage to improve the tasty.

3.when the dextrose as a addtives add the sauce ,it can reduce the viscosity of the food but taste more sweet.

4.a lot of useage of the destrose,including food addtives,industrial producing,and pharmaceutical factory,and cosmetic


The packing of our citric destrose includes 25kg per bag, 1000kg per bag with pallet, 500-1000 per bag.


Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.

Dextrose anhydrous
Characteristic White crystal or crystal line powder, odorless, taste sweet A white, crystalline powder, with a sweet taste /
Identification meets the requirements meets the requirements meets the requirements
Specific optical rotation +52.6-53.2[]D25 +52.5-53.3[]D20 +52.6-53.2[]D25
Acidity or alkalinity 2.0g 0.02mol/L
NaOH 0.2ml
6.0g, 0.1M
NaOH 0.15ml
5.0g, 0.02ON
NaOH 0.30ml
Clarity and color of solution meets the requirements meets the requirements meets the requirements
Clarity of ethanol solution meets the requirements meets the requirements meets the requirements
Chlorides 0.01% 125ppm 0.018%
Sulphates 0.01% 200ppm 0.025%
Sulphite ad soluble starch meets the requirements 15ppm SO2 meets the requirements
Loss on drying 1.0 Water 1.0% Water 0.5%
Residue on ignition 0.1% 0.1% 0.1
Protein meets the requirements / /
Barium meets the requirements meets the requirements /
Calcium 0.01% 200ppm /
Ferrous 0.001% / /
Heavy metals 4ppm / 5ppm
Arsenic 0.0001T 1ppm 1ppm
Lead in sugars / 0.5ppm /
Pyrogens / meets the requirements /



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